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Why GDI Team Elite? 

This is where I personally started to have success online. Your results may be different. However, it is a great system that most people can do. GDI Team Elite has a superb marketing system that is able to bring new people aboard all the time and allows us to connect with them personally! 

It also is affordable for most everyone around the world and it duplicates really well. 


First: Bookmark this site so you can come back! Copy this address: http://sixfigures.swalbie.com

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Why The Power Lead System? 

PLS has a great system that allows you to build almost any capture page or funnel you want that allows you eventually learn how to do great ads, with an autoresponder to help you build your list (don't worry, we will help you!).

In addition PLS allows you to create a much larger monthly residual income and to create $400 - $1000 paydays.*

*This is very important to create a six figures income.

Even though it has these great features, we suggest that you connect with us (if you have not already done so) with GDI Team Elite as having a team is VITAL to success.

Meet my mentor Alan &
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Once you join, read the "Road to Success" inside the "Training" Tab.
3. Go Through the Sixteen Steps Training 
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What you can expect:

One: Okay, so this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. So expect things to take time. Nothing substantial happens overnight. 

Two: Want to start promoting and try your hand at earning income? Simply ask your coach to help build your capture page with your photo attached so you can start advertising right away. We also have a great arsonal of quality advertising sites to help you! You can see it

Three: As you go through the Sixteen Steps, (you can see the Intro here) you will be on your way to understanding how to:
a) Build a large duplicatable team,

b)  Begin the process of learning how to build your mailing list into something great

c) Learn what it will really take to create a six figure income online! 

Have Questions? Connect with me here

Looking forward to working with you! 

Albie Derbyshire
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